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We Help B2B Entrepreneurs Scale Their Info, Service, Tech And Consulting Businesses to 7 Figures By Building And Managing Their Remote Sales Teams

Our Done For You Service Includes:

  • Sales Deck Development

  • Sales Script Development

  • Sales Process Development

  • Inside Sales Rep Hiring & Ramping

  • End-to-End Sales Rep Hiring & Ramping

  • Outbound SDR Hiring & Ramping

  • Weekly Progress Reporting

  • Ongoing Coaching & Training

Predictable & Scalable Systems

Proven, scalable outbound & inbound sales processes that convert customers like no other system

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How It Works


Asset Review & Development

We start by analyzing what pieces exist and what pieces are missing. We rebuild anything that is lacking and put in place whatever needs to fill the gaps.


This includes scripts, decks, workflows, hiring assets, automation, tools & training.


Hiring & Execution

Once the sales process is in place, we shift to execution. We start hiring sales rep's & SDR's to support the sales process and to start generating revenue.

We launch hiring campaigns using extremely effective methods, hire rockstars & train them on your offer.


Tracking & Assessent

Finally, we schedule weekly training sessions for the sales reps & SDR's. We implement very specific tracking protocols to measure success to determine where we can help reps continue to excel. We will provide ongoing support / training for the sales reps.

Old Way

- Find product market fit

- Do sales yourself until 1M

- Hire a VP of Sales for $150,000 + bonus

- Hope VP performs 

- Take a big financial risk

New Way


- Find product market fit

- Do sales yourself until 100k

- Hire ascendgroup.io for 70% less than traditional VP of Sales

- Pay on performance

- Remove risk and scale profitably

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Benefits Of Our Growth Service


Analytics & Reporting

Constant reporting & monitoring of your most sensitive KPI's. Granular tracking leads to better insights and faster remediation when necessary.


Predictable & Scalable Systems

Proven & scalable outbound / inbound sales processes that leverage omni channel outreach & world class sales techniques.


Hiring & Management

Ongoing hiring, training & management of the sales team leaving you open to focus on operations and other important daily tasks.

Tools & Automation

Implement the best tools, automation & workflows to drive efficiency and maximize overall output.

Here Is What Some Of The Reps Had To Say:

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Ascendgroup.io Generated $530,000USD In 4 Months

Using Commission Based SDRs

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Over 380 Discovery Calls Booked & 170 Demos Booked

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Worked with clients from:

Info / Consulting